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Mark Prent Fine Art Photo-silkscreen Print

Mark Prent Fine Art Photo-silkscreen Print

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We purchased this directly from the artist. Signed 18/100. Please note small crack on glass. H 43.5" x W 31.5"
“Thawing Out”        

This is the only fine art photo-silkscreen print
that has been done of  a Mark Prent sculpture.  It is a master-
quality print, made in 1974 at Open Studio, Toronto , under the
direction of Richard Sewell.  The illusion of a high-gloss enamel
refrigerator finish was achieved by screening multiple layers onto
the screened photo-image of the refrigerator box.  Half-tone-screened
Mylar was die-cut and laminated to the “fridge” to represent the
hardware.  Only 100 examples were printed in the very limited
edition.  The remaining fifteen examples in Mark Prent's possession
have been in storage since the ’70’s and are in excellent,
unexhibited condition.

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